Product Development Process

Firstly, we work with a range of stakeholders ranging from keen ni-Vanuatu who want to get into tourism, existing tourism operators, foreign investors, government agencies, ngo’s, donors, airlines, cruiseliners, tour operators, travel agents, transport operators, chiefs, local governments, farmers, civil society, general public and many more.

The tourism product development flow chart system is a clear step by step process developed in partnership with the TVET for Tourism program in 2012 and has produced a wealth of toolkits that tourism officers are able to use in assisting operators complete the development of the product. Starting with the essential client contact to business plan development, informations about tourism product standards, the team will then approve for a product action plan that will guide a new operator on every step of the way for completing their tourism product.

An average of 6 months would be a suitable timeframe for starting and completing a product depending on its scale and target market. The team will work with the client and advise on how to commence and complete the first priorities for developing the tourism product.

In completion of the process, marketing collaterals such as brochures, flyers, website, social media sites and networking with tour operators, call centres, inbound operators and or travel agents will confirm that the process is complete and the tourism product is ready to be launched.

However, for any tourism business the process of developing products is never ending. After the product is launched there will always be upgrading and enhancements made to ensure that the quality of the product is always fresh for delivery.

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