Departmental Organisation

The following organisation structure was approved by the Public Service Commission in 2010. This organisation structure establishes four main programmes for the department:

  1. Product Development – the main focus of this programme is to promote and facilitate the development of innovative products in the outer islands

  2. Outer Island Tourism Development – the main focus of this programme is to facilitate the implementation of Provincial tourism plans and the re-distribution of investment throughout the islands away from the current concentration in Vila and Luganville as well as supervise the operation of industry associations and Provincial Tourism Councils

  3. Investment Promotion and Facilitation – the main focus of this programme is to facilitate establishment of FDIs and promote and facilitate joint venture partnerships between foreign investors and custom owners and an increase in the participation of Ni-Vanuatu in tourism

  4. Tourism Standards – the establishment and management of quality management standards for the development of products and provision of services in the tourism industry.

Departmental Structure

Provincial Staffing Structure

Department of Tourism
PMB 9099
George Pompidou Road Port Vila
Phone: (678) 33 400
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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