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As part of the Governments COVID-19 Strategy for Immediate Safety, Response and Economic Recovery Effort it was mandated through the Department of Tourism (DoT) to support the tourism industry with financial stimulus, mitigation and adaptation activities, thereby ensuring Vanuatu is ready to receive international tourists once border restrictions are lifted.

 The Tourism Business Support Program is under Pillar 3 of the Tourism Crises Response and Recovery Plan to ensure that tourism businesses are appropriately supported during border restrictions. Tourism Businesses in the following categories can apply:

(1)  Tourism Accommodation
(2)  Island Bungalow Operator
(3)  Guesthouse Accommodation Operator
(4)  Homestay Operator
(5)  Campsite Operator
(6)  Unique Tourism Service or Accommodation
(7)  Water Transport Operator
(8)  Air Tourism Transport Operator
(9)  Yacht & Boat Charter Operators
(10) Inbound Tourist Operator
(11) Tourist Information Services
(12)  Outbound Tourist Operator
(13) Tour Guide
(14) Scuba Diving Operator
(15) Land Active and Adrenaline Activity Operator

(16) Land Recreational and Soft Adventure Activity Operator
(17) Commercial Cultural Feasts
(18) Traditional & Cultural Activity Operator
(19) Conservation Areas
(20) National Parks
(21) Wildlife Activities
(22) Land and Water Combined Soft Adventure Activity
(23) Water Recreational and Soft Adventure Operator
(24) Rental & Hire Services Operator
(25) Yacht Club
(26) Cruise Port of Call
(27) Recreational Grounds
(28) Horse Riding Facility
(29) Musuem
(30) Restaurants, Bars, Cafés

Phase 1:

1. Safe Business Operations (SBO) training program
2. Tourism Business Survival Grants
3. Renewable Energy Subsidies under the Vanuatu Renewable Energy Program

Agritourism Businesses that meet the agritourism definition* can apply for:

4. Agritourism Incentive Funding

Phase 2: From July 2021 the following support categories will also be available for all tourism businesses to apply for:

1. Facility Improvements
2. Training Programs
3. Marketing Activities

You can register you Expression of Interest for the above categories in this form.

Please be honest in your responses and provide as much information as possible. If your tourism business qualifies for the Tourism Business Support Program the Department of Tourism will be requesting documented evidence to support your Expression of Interest.

Agritourism Business Definition: Agritourism is a niche form of tourism and can be described as tour, accommodation or attraction that provides tourists with an educational experience of a farm or agribusiness. Agritourism has been used in many countries as a diversification strategy for farmers and agricultural communities to have more sources of income.

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