Investing in Vanuatu's Tourism Industry

Vanuatu, a picturesque South Pacific nation, has carved a niche for itself in the global tourism landscape. Despite the volatility of the world economy, its tourism industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience, boasting steady growth over the last decade. According to travel statistics, this growth is expected to continue, with a projected annual increase of 3% in the number of tourists over the next decade. For prospective tourism investors, this promising trajectory presents an opportunity to make strategic decisions that will shape their investments for the next 10 to 20 years.

What makes Vanuatu particularly attractive to investors is its track record as a preferred destination for renowned resorts and hotels, not just within the Pacific region but also on a global scale. It remains a location of choice for those seeking an authentic Pacific experience that offers a high level of services, a conducive business environment, and a range of tax and financial incentives.

At the heart of this vibrant tourism landscape is the Investment Facilitation Section within the Department of Tourism (DoT), operating under the Ministry of Tourism, Industry, and Ni Vanuatu Business Development. This dedicated section is entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating investments in Vanuatu's tourism and hospitality sector. Collaborating closely with investors, our department identifies potential investment opportunities in some of the most sought-after locations in Vanuatu. Our team of diligent and knowledgeable officers also plays a crucial role in identifying the appropriate legal, financial, architectural, engineering, and professional services necessary to bring your unique project to life. We work in synergy with the Vanuatu Foreign Investment Authority to ensure a seamless investment experience.

As you explore the possibilities of investing in Vanuatu's thriving tourism sector, we invite you to delve deeper into the comprehensive procedures and incentives that await Ni-Vanuatu investors and foreign investors alike. These procedures have been meticulously crafted to ensure regulatory compliance while fostering the sustainable development of our nation. Whether you are a local entrepreneur eager to contribute to our economic growth or a foreign investor seeking new horizons, the following sections will guide you through the steps required to embark on your investment journey in Vanuatu's tourism sector.
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