Vanuatu Cruise Tourism

The Cruise Tourism Study presents several key findings and recommendations for the development and management of cruise tourism in Vanuatu. It defines three distinct market segments within the cruise tourism sub-sector, namely large cruise ships, expedition ships, and yachting, each with its unique focus and characteristics. The report emphasizes the need for a sustainable cruise tourism development strategy aligned with the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy and international destination criteria. However, it notes a decline in cruise ship arrivals and yacht visitors since 2016, with expedition ships showing potential for growth.

The report highlights the dominant presence of Carnival Australia in the Vanuatu cruise market, underscores the economic impact of cruise visitors, and recommends a study on the potential benefits of expedition ship and yacht tourism. It also sheds light on the business model of multinational cruise ship companies, emphasizing their profit-driven approach and the implications for local enterprises and cultural authenticity. Additionally, the report discusses the environmental footprint of cruise ships and the importance of good governance and management of cruise tourism, proposing a more commercially focused approach in agreements with cruise companies. Finally, it touches upon the development of cruise tourism in the provinces, opportunities for Ni-Vanuatu employment and market access, and a marketing strategy aimed at creating a positive image and increasing revenue from cruise tourism. This comprehensive study provides valuable insights and recommendations for the sustainable development of cruise tourism in Vanuatu.

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