Plans from Department of Tourism

Below is a collection of plans which have been produced by, in partnership with or on behalf of the Vanuatu Department of Tourism. 

Vanuatu Tourism Human Resources Development Strategy 2021-2030

The Vanuatu Tourism Human Resources Development Strategy (VTHRDS) 2021-2030 is a comprehensive initiative commissioned by the Vanuatu Department of Tourism. Its primary objective is to align with the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy (2019-2030) and establish a framework for the development of the country's tourism workforce. The strategy, developed through online surveys, extensive consultations, and stakeholder workshops, engages both the tourism industry and the skills system. It emphasizes the need for high standards in tourism products and services to achieve the goals of sustainable tourism.

A key highlight of this strategy is the introduction of a Capability Framework comprising eight themes, which outline the standards required to meet the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy's objectives. The tourism industry is segmented into small businesses, medium businesses, and large businesses, each with specific training needs. The report identifies challenges in recruiting local talent, confidence in the readiness of tourism graduates, and training quality issues, emphasizing the preference for on-the-job training. The VTHRDS aims to bridge capability gaps and enhance competence across these segments, ultimately ensuring a skilled workforce capable of delivering sustainable and responsible tourism, in line with the broader goals of the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy.

Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Strategy 2021-2025

Vanuatu's Sustainable Tourism Strategy (VSTS) is a comprehensive plan designed to address the current crisis facing the tourism industry. This strategy emphasizes the importance of preserving the country's cultural heritage, natural resources, and traditional knowledge while also ensuring the well-being and resilience of its communities. The VSTS identifies four key themes: Wellbeing, Resilience, Diversification, and Sustainability. Under these themes, the strategy outlines 18 programs of work aimed at reducing the country's dependence on traditional tourism while promoting a higher value, low-impact tourism model that benefits local communities and industries. This forward-looking approach seeks to protect and regenerate Vanuatu's assets, such as culture, environment, and traditional economy, by providing meaningful job opportunities and improving supply chains for tourism.

In summary, the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Strategy focuses on creating a more sustainable and resilient tourism industry that not only boosts economic growth but also safeguards the country's unique cultural and natural heritage. It emphasizes the importance of minimizing negative impacts while promoting direct benefits for communities and local livelihoods. By embracing themes of well-being, resilience, diversification, and sustainability, Vanuatu aims to chart a path towards a more balanced and responsible tourism sector that aligns with global standards for sustainable tourism.

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