Expedition Cruise Silver Explorer - An Unforgettable Journey in North Ambrym

Embarking on an expedition cruise was more than just a journey; it was an adventure into the heart of nature and culture. The Silver Explorer, a magnificent vessel, took passengers on an unforgettable experience through the Expedition Cruise Program to North Ambrym. This adventure, which took place on October 13th, 2023, promised a day filled with rich cultural immersion and breathtaking sights.

The Itinerary

The day began with the arrival of guests at the picturesque port of Ranon, North Ambrym. Welcoming visitors with a warm Beach Village Welcome, a local string band serenaded passengers while they savored a refreshing Salusalu, a traditional welcome fresh coconut drink.

The program was carefully designed, and Ranon Village Chief extended a warm welcome with a speech, setting the tone for the day's activities. Guests were treated to a captivating display by the Women's Group, who showcased a play using coconut shells, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Following these welcoming activities, all guests and passengers embarked on a brief walk from the beach area to the main activity venue, Nasara - Ranon Custom Nasara. The Kastom Chief officially welcomed all passengers to the venue, presenting a gift to the Captain as a token of appreciation.

From there, the main program unfolded with mesmerizing performances. The Rom Dance, a captivating Magic Show, and intricate Sand Drawings, all showcasing the artistic talents of the local community, left guests in awe.

After the morning's activities, the Women's Group served refreshments, accompanied by lively entertainment from the string band.

Optional tours were available for those seeking to explore the wonders of North Ambrym further. One option included a trek to Fanla Custom Village, offering a deeper understanding of local customs and traditions. Alternatively, guests could choose to participate in various activities at Ranon Village, such as pig feeding, Natagura weaving, Pandanus weaving demonstrations, sand drawings, wood carving, and a village walk.

As the day concluded, it was time for guests to bid farewell to North Ambrym and embark on their next adventure. Before the day ended, there was a team debrief, offering an opportunity for feedback and continuous improvement in collaboration with tour operators, Area Council representatives, the local community, and the Department of Tourism.


The Expedition Cruise Silver Explorer's draft program for North Ambrym promised an unforgettable journey, immersing passengers in the vibrant culture and natural beauty of the region. From the warm welcome at Ranon Village to the captivating activities and optional tours, this expedition was designed to create lasting memories for all who embarked on this adventure. With all hardwork and planning, a focus on local culture, and an eye for natural beauty, the Silver Explorer Expedition Cruise delivered the experience of a lifetime.