Coming Soon: MALAMPA Province Provincial Sustainable Tourism Management Plan (2023-2028)

On behalf of the Department of Tourism, we are delighted to acknowledge the remarkable collaboration and unwavering commitment from various stakeholders, including the Provincial Tourism Councils, Area Councils, private sector partners, and the Vanuatu Government, in embarking on the implementation of the action plan outlined in the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Strategy (VSTS) 2020-2025. This effort has been guided by the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy (VSTP) 2030, reflecting the Government's dedication to safeguarding and celebrating Vanuatu's unique environment, culture, kastom, and its people through sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

The Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy (VSTP) serves as a compass for the Government's objectives, aiming to preserve our nation's distinctive attributes while fostering sustainable tourism growth. To fulfill these ambitions, the Department of Tourism (DoT) has embarked on an essential initiative - the development of six Provincial Sustainable Tourism Management Plans (PSTMPs). This initiative seeks to decentralize the national policy and strike a harmonious balance between economic viability, community engagement, and environmental stewardship within the tourism sector.

Central to provincial tourism product development is the creation of travel experiences that captivate the hearts of travelers while showcasing the unique facets of our islands and provinces. These experiences serve as magnets, attracting travelers to our beautiful destination. The Government is taking the lead in implementing the Provincial Tourism Management Plan, an endeavor underpinned by extensive research, industry insights, and the core experience categories of nature and adventure, people and culture, and history and heritage.

The forthcoming launch of the Provincial Tourism Management Plans signifies a new chapter in collaborative efforts to fortify our regional service offerings. At the heart of this collaboration is the steadfast commitment to ensuring that Vanuatu maintains its status as a preserved and responsible tourism destination, securing our long-term sustainability.

Key Milestones:

During the National Week of Agriculture on Malekula in September 2023, the Director of the Department of Tourism officially handed over the PENAMA and MALAMPA Provincial Sustainable Tourism Management Plans to the Secretaries-General (SGs) of their respective provinces. These plans represent a significant step forward in our sustainable tourism journey.

The Provincial Councils in PENAMA and MALAMPA are gearing up to launch their respective plans in the coming months, signaling a shared commitment to driving sustainable tourism growth in these provinces.

Accessing the Plans:

To request access to these visionary plans, please feel free to reach out to the Department of Tourism's Communications Officer, Tiro Leo, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the DoT Outer Islands Manager, Janet Tambeana, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your interest and involvement in our sustainable tourism efforts are greatly appreciated.

Upcoming Availability:

We are excited to announce that the Provincial Sustainable Tourism Management Plans for PENAMA and MALAMPA will soon be made publicly accessible on the Department of Tourism's website. Stay tuned for updates, as we look forward to sharing these blueprints for sustainable tourism development with the world.

Future Initiatives:

It's worth noting that while the PENAMA and MALAMPA plans have reached this milestone, the other four plans for TORBA, SANMA, SHEFA, and TAFEA are currently in development. These plans will be handed over to the Secretaries-General of their respective provinces when they are ready, marking another significant step towards Vanuatu's sustainable tourism future.

As we embark on this exciting journey towards sustainable tourism development in Vanuatu, we invite you to join us in preserving and celebrating the natural beauty, culture, and heritage of our beloved islands. Together, we can ensure that Vanuatu remains a cherished and responsible tourism destination for generations to come.

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