Annual Work program Validation Meeting



Annual Work program Validation Meeting


The Department of Tourism held a 3 days meeting at the Emua Community Hall, North Efate from Wednesday January 27th to Friday 29th, 2021.

A total of 2 Provincial SGs , Planners and Tourism Managers from Shefa, Malampa, Torba,Tafea, Penama and Sanma were present at that meeting organized by the Department of Tourism.

On Day 1 of the validation meeting, the delegates were welcomed by the Emua Community hall.

The Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, Trade & Ni-Vanuatu Business, Ambassador Roy Mickey Joy delivered the opening keynote.

The Director of the Department of Tourism, Jerry Spooner briefly introduced the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Strategy developed by the department for the next 5 years.

The main highlight of Day 1 of the Tourism meeting was the Launching by the Minister of Tourism, Trade & Ni-Vanuatu Business, James Bule, of the policies developed by the Tourism Department:

1)      Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Strategy 2021 to 2025

2)      Human Resource Development Plan

3)      Tourism Business Support Program

One of the other highlights of Day 1 of the meeting was  a Role Play by ”Wan Smol Bag Theatre” about the loopholes in the implementation process of national tourism policies within the provinces.

All the participants were then divided into various groups to analyze some eventual scenario that could  have a negative impact on the implementation of a national government policy at the provincial level.

After consultation between all the delegates, everyone agreed that it is crucial, first and foremost, that the Provincial SGs should take ownership and drive the Tourism Policies within the provinces  with a close collaboration with the Provincial Tourism Managers.

The Advisor to the Minister of Tourism, Trade & Ni-Vanuatu business, Thompson Pakoa officially closed the 3 days validation meeting of the Department of Tourism. 



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