Agritourism: ‘Prodaktif Turism Blong Yumi’ Support Week

As reported by the Vanuatu Daily Post:

The Agritourism Business Support Week held at Breakas Beach Resort from the 19th to the 23rd of April was designed to capacity build 30 agritourism operators that have met the criteria from the Department of Tourism to attend.

Part of this capacity building was for various Government agencies to inform the agritourism operators on how each Government Department is supporting the development of agritourism in Vanuatu and how this support can further enable agritourism operators in Vanuatu to thrive.

The Director General of the Ministry of MALFFB Moses Amos opened the Agritourism Business Support Week and stated “there have been many years that have passed that we have put all the eggs in the tourism basket. Now we must look how to lessen the dependency. I hope that Director General’s and Directors take the Agritourism Diversification Program seriously, and I commend the National Agritourism Coordinator Mrs Votausi Mackenzie-Reur for facilitating this important process. We must collaborate to strengthen agritourism in Vanuatu, this needs all of us. It’s no longer about solos. The role of the Ministries is so important, we must work together and break down the walls”.

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