Eased Travel Restrictions Propel Vanuatu's Tourism Reviva

The Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) heralds a pivotal step toward resuscitating the tourism sector with the elimination of pre-departure COVID-19 testing requirements for entry into the country. This stride not only energizes the aviation and cruise travel domains but also signals an open gateway for eager visitors to explore Vanuatu once again.

The VTO expressed its elation, highlighting the newfound simplicity for travelers. The removal of pre-departure testing, which was a topic of deliberation leading up to the border reopening in July, has been embraced as a strategic move by the Ministry of Health, paving the way for a smoother experience for both international travelers and locals alike.

Adela Issachar Aru, CEO of VTO, acknowledges the collaborative efforts of healthcare professionals, border control agencies, and the tourism sector in ensuring the safety of Vanuatu's residents while affording international visitors a hassle-free entry. She emphasized that this endeavor aligns Vanuatu's policies with the evolving global scenario, where travel restrictions continue to be prevalent in other parts of the world.

The shift in policy extends to all arrivals, regardless of whether they travel by air or sea. Although vaccination against COVID-19 is recommended, it's no longer a prerequisite. Upon arrival in Vanuatu, visitors are exempt from quarantine or arrival testing. If, however, a traveler tests positive for COVID-19 or displays symptoms during their stay, a seven-day isolation period at their accommodation is mandatory.

Citizens and permanent residents have the option of home isolation, underscoring the flexibility of the new approach. For comprehensive details on these guidelines, Vanuatu's Ministry of Health website is the recommended source.

Since its reopening on July 1st, Vanuatu beckons international travelers to relish its unique treasures, unfettered by the prior testing formalities. From embarking on jungle expeditions across remote islands to immersing in local communities, savoring island cuisine, and indulging in authentic kastom experiences, Vanuatu promises a multifaceted tropical getaway.

With an expanding roster of flights, including Air Vanuatu's Sydney, Melbourne, Nadi, Brisbane, Auckland, and Noumea services, as well as additional offerings from Solomon Airlines, Aircalin, and Fiji Airways, the accessibility to Vanuatu has grown remarkably.

As the momentum gathers, Virgin Australia's commitment to recommence flights from Brisbane to Port Vila starting March 2023 further underscores Vanuatu's unwavering appeal.

Prospective travelers are encouraged to consult the Vanuatu Tourism Office website for the latest information and health advisories, along with a wealth of inspiration for their journey to this paradise on Earth: www.vanuatu.travel.

The original article can be found on Vanuatu Daily Post webiste: https://www.dailypost.vu/news/pre-departure-test-removal-will-help-tourism-recovery-vto/article_ce655249-0ea0-5771-9536-7c6b16827ec5.html

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