First case of Covid -19 in Vanuatu

As reported by the Vanuatu ministry of Health:

On 10 November 2020, the first case Of COVID-19 was confirmed in Vanuatu. The case was asymptomatic (not
sick) and was in quarantine during routine day 5 testing (with re-testing to confirm). The case is a 23,
year Old male ni-Vanuatu citizen repatriated from USA With an arrival date to Vanuatu Of 04 November 2020,
Physical distancing ard personal protection measures were applied and maintained during the flight, throughout
the arrival process, during transport to and during registration at the quarantine facility. Arrival screening was
undertaking following established protocols. The persor had been identified during pre-travel registration as
travelling from a higher-risk location, therefore was seated separately at the back Of the plane ard was screened
and transported separately from Other arriving passengers. The case did not share a room with anyone else at the
quarantine facility and is reported to have adhered to all appropriate measures throughout the travel and
quarantine process.

To read more from this article, please visit the article page on vanuatu Ministry of Health Facebook page.

For more tourism related news for Covid-19, please visit their Covid-19 updates on Department of Tourism website

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