Department of Tourism Extends Lifeline to Tourism Operators in Northern Vanuatu in the Aftermath of Cyclone Lola

Vanuatu, Wednesday, 25 October — In the wake of Cyclone Lola's devastating impact on the Northern part of Vanuatu, the Department of Tourism has taken swift action to aid tourism operators in the affected Provinces. Recognizing the vital role tourism plays in these communities, the government, through the Vanuatu Department of Tourism, has initiated a comprehensive relief effort to support operators as they rebuild and recover.

Upon conducting a rapid impact assessment, the Department of Tourism identified the immediate needs of tourism operators and promptly organized the distribution of essential items to help them resume their operations. These items, including cleaning and clearing  supplies, were strategically dispatched to the affected provinces of Penama, Malampa, and Torba.

The distribution of these relief items aims to provide immediate assistance, allowing tourism operators to pick up the pieces and continue their crucial role in the local economy. The government's commitment to standing with the affected operators is evident in these relief efforts, as it seeks to reassure them that they are not alone in facing the challenges brought about by Cyclone Lola.

While the rapid impact assessment has facilitated the swift distribution of initial relief, the Department of Tourism remains dedicated to conducting a detailed impact assessment to thoroughly understand the specific needs of each tourism business affected. This in-depth assessment will enable the government to formulate a comprehensive recovery plan tailored to address the unique challenges faced by these operators.

As part of the ongoing relief efforts, shipments of essential items have already reached Penama, Malampa, and Torba. The Department of Tourism is working tirelessly to ensure that the remaining affected islands receive their allocated relief items promptly.

The Vanuatu Department of Tourism extends its heartfelt sympathy to the tourism operators affected by Cyclone Lola and reiterates its commitment to supporting them throughout the recovery process. By providing immediate relief and conducting a thorough impact assessment, the government aims to pave the way for a resilient and sustainable tourism sector in Northern Vanuatu.


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