Vanuatu Code of Conduct for Tourism Operators

Mission statement: To ensure tourism operators are upholding the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy (2019-2030) Vision "To protect and celebrate Vanuatu's unique environment, culture, kastom and people through sustainable and responsible tourism" and values highlighted that "Tourism in Vanuatu embraces the traditional and formal economies; it provides sustainable growth by strengthening national and community resilience with the ultimate goal of delivering equitable economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits for Vanuatu and its people".

Any operator who conducts their tourism business within an area determined by the Department of Tourism as an Ecologically and Culturally Significant Area (ECSA) must declare this at time of applying for a tourism permit. They are required to abide by criteria for managing tourism operations within ECSAs.

Department of Tourism
PMB 9099
George Pompidou Road Port Vila
Phone: (678) 33 400
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