Pangi Cruise, South Pentecost

Pangi (South Pentecost) is a luscious green island dominated by culture and history. A selection of activities are available when onshore. There are opportunities to shop locally made handicraft, fresh drinking coconuts and local fruit platters. Relax and enjoy the beauty of this beach front location, kayak, swim or snorkel. Spend the afternoon watching the adventurous and culturally significant event Nagol.

Tours will be arranged on the day and at location. When you leave the welcome area, after getting off the tender, you will see tourist information officers and a large information notice board to help you find a special experience for you, your family and friends.

Pangi is dominated by the Nagol (land-diving) experience which we recommend. There is more to do in Pangi though so please take the morning to experience the area and its small tours available.

Tourism Products

Nagol (land-diving)

Mama’s Handicraft Markets

Fresh organic locally grown produce

Tour of Chiefly Family Setup

Tour of local Primary School

Fish Feeding Tour

Kava tasting

Snorkelling options

Hair braiding