Investing In Vanuatu

Getting ready to boat across to Ifira island, Port Vila, Vanuatu
The Capital City of Port Vila being the main Business Centre for Vanuatu is regarded as one of most beautiful city in the Pacific with a magnificent Habour, stunning beaches and amazing Inland lagoons providing investment opportunities for Tourism Development. Port Vila have grown into a Business Centre with modern infrastructures, qualified and professionals Human Resources from overseas and locally groomed and trained personnel to maintain high level business and social development.
Vanuatu Tourism industry has been the main player in the country’s economy with a steady growth over the last 10 years despite of the instability in the world economic. According to statistics on travel the number of tourists is expected to grow in the next 10 years by 3% per annum. This is a plus on Tourism investors to make the right decision on where they should invest in the next 10 to 20 years.

Vanuatu has become a popular destination for investment by some of the well known Resorts and Hotels in the Pacific and the world today and continues to be a location of choice by potential investors who are looking for an authentic Pacific destination that provides high level of services, comfortable business environment and one that offers tax and financial concessions.
The Investment Facilitation Section in the Department of Tourism (DoT) under the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Ni Vanuatu Business Development of Vanuatu is responsible to facilitate investment in the tourism and hospitality sector. The Department will work with investors to identify potential Investment opportunities in one of the best locations in Vanuatu. Responsible Officers will also identify appropriate legal, financial, architectural, engineers and other professional services required to assist with any project of interest in collaboration with Vanuatu Foreign Investment Authority.
The primary legislation that provides benefits and incentives to investors in the tourism and hospitality sector in Vanuatu is the Customs Duty Exemption Act. The Act clearly states that the Director of Tourism may approve duty exemption of customs duty for goods imported exclusively for the construction of new hotels or resorts, Or renovation and expansion of an existing resort, Or an addition of a minimum of 10 rooms, Or new facilities to include a casino, gym and conference facilities.
Documents required for Customs Import Duty Exemption are:

  • Copy of Business Plan/Proposal
  • Copy of Architectural design if intending on building a resort/ guest house etc...
  • Copy of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report
  • Copy of VIPA Approval Certificate if it is a Foreign Investor
  • Copy of Business License
  • List of items to be imported overseas.
  • An administration fee of VT 12,000
The Department will liaise with all the other government agencies to assist investors to access the benefits available within existing tourism development legislation. Developers may access tax concessions under the Customs Import Duty Exemption Act Part III in the following process:

  • Filling in an application form and submit to the Department of Tourism for approval.
  • Approval letter is submitted to Department of Customs.
  • Once the application is approved it has to be managed within the scope of relevant laws.
  • Any approval is valid for only one year but subject to renewal if project continues into the following year.
The Government of Vanuatu has enacted Acts of Parliament requiring Investors and other interested stakeholders to participate fairly in the Tourism and other sector of the economy. The following Acts are:

# Act Download
Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF)
Environment & Conservation Management Act (EIA)
Foreshore Development Act
Land Lease/Strata Title Act
Labor Act
Tourism Accreditation
Companies Act
The Department of Tourism in collaboration with Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) developed a number of tourism investment profiles on properties that are now available for viewing on VIPA’s website .


Mr. Moses Bani | Principal Investment Officer
Department of Tourism
PMB 9099
Port Vila