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From the Daily Post: "What is the Niufala Rod Blo Tourism?" 04-November 2020

As reported by the Vanuatu Daily Post:

The Niufala Rod Blo Tourism Week took place from the 26th to the 29th of October with over 300 attendees.

The focus was on the Immediate Response and Recovery Plan, the TamTam Travel Bubble, updates from our National Airline, and the impacts of the border closure to businesses. There were presentations and interactive panel sessions around how the Government and Private Sector are working together to be ready in terms of health and safety, business preparedness and public awareness for when the borders open.

But what does the ‘Niufala Rod Blo Tourism’ mean for the medium to long-term future? It has a new and revised vision, with an improvement plan to be implemented, which is the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Strategy (VSTS). This Strategy has combined and aligned and the objectives from the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy (VSTP), the Vanuatu Tourism Crisis Response and Recovery Plan (VTCRRP) and the Provincial Tourism Management Plans. This is how we will improve the management and support for further development of the Tourism Sector

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Sustainable tourism is an approach to tourism development that seeks to achieve a balance of economic viability, social acceptability and environmental responsibility.The Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy (VSTP) provides a guiding framework and direction for the Government of Vanuatu (GOV) and all stakeholders to develop their tourism sector in a sustainable manner.

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