Why Established

Why is the establishment of the Tourism Accreditation system necessary?:

It will help Promote a national Minimum standard requirement of operations to be met by tourism operators.
It will help give consumers the opportunity to make an informed and confident choice about legitimacy and quality of a product.


It’s Benefits to the Industry and operators:

It will make Vanuatu a more competitive destination.

Ability to take part in tourism trade events with whole sellers.

Having industry standards will underpin risk mitigation.

It will assist implementation of measures to enhance the total visitor experience and ultimate consumer satisfaction.
Improved customer service and communications

Benefits associated with national and international promotion of the accreditation logo as a symbol of quality within the tourism industry

It’s Benefits to Visitors:

Reliability of product and service

Consistency of product and service

Security and safety through improved risk management procedures

Confidence in product; as accreditation underpins the process of ensuring that a business will consistently meet the expectations of the domestic and international consumer