What does Product Development mean?

Product development is an important process for turning a business idea into reality. For any tourism business, this process means making the dream into reality with the finished touches and value addition to the product, so that it becomes marketable and sellable to the tourist for a satisfying experience and profitability at the end of the day.

The Product Development Division in the Department of Tourism is an important team player in this process as they assist all tourism operators especially local ni vanuatu tourism operators who are very new to the tourism and hospiltaity industry to fine tune their tourism prospects into complete tourism ventures.

Under the Vanuatu Tourism Product Classification system, there are only 3 types of product categories and they are the Accomodation category, Tourism Tours & Activities category and the Transportation category. For example, if you are starting a new hotel or bungalow business, you will be under the product classification category for Accommodation. If you a running a cultural village tour, your product will be under the Tourism Tours & Activities category. If you are starting a transport transfer business for picking up tourists at hotels you will be listed under the Transportation category.



Tourism Tours & Activities



Taxi Ambassador

It is important for the division to manage the supply of tourism products into the destination as this determines the range of experiences that the Vanuatu is able to provide to tourists.