The Outer Island Division provides Coordination and Facilitation in the implementation of the six Provincial Tourism Development Plans. Each Local Government council has its own Tourism Plans, a Strategic Tourism plan for the period of 10 years. An additional of two Municipal Beautification Plan for Port Vila and Luganville town which is yet to be developed. These two Plans will be more specific on developing and beautifying urban centers for visitors and locals.

Tourism operators in the provinces group themselves into Area Tourism Association, Provincial Tourism Association and Local Government Tourism Council and the Presidents of the Local Government Tourism council is represented at the Tourism council of Vanuatu, which is chair by Director General of the Ministry of Tourism Trades and Ni-Vanuatu Business.

For Adventurous travellers, seeking a real Vanuatu experience, travel to the outer islands to experience the real Vanuatu taste in the outer island, Port Vila is not “Vanuatu”, hence the real experience is in the outer island of Vanuatu.

Provincial Offices

Torba Province | Tourism Office

Welcome to “our last of the real islands” Torba Province. Torba Province located at the northern part of Vanuatu; consist of 13 islands with a land mass of 882km² and a total population of over 9,359 people.

Five minutes’ drive from Sola airport on Vanualava; locates Torba Tourism Office where the Torba Provincial Government Headquarter is. Torba Tourism Office is currently armed with one staff working as Torba Tourism Product Development Officer with the objective to:

"Provide coordination, facilitation and supervise the development of Tourism Products and Services in Torba for marketing within Vanuatu and globally. "

The followings are some of the services that Torba Tourism office is providing:

  • Tourism Awareness

  • Provide advice to Operators

  • Develop tourism business Plan

  • Formation of Tourism area associations and Council

  • Registration of associations through Vanuatu Financial Service Commissions

  • Project Proposals

  • Beautification Programs

  • Product Packaging

  • Provide trainings

  • Product standards & assessments

  • Product Marketing

For more information, Contact Ms. Olivet Dorony
VoIP: 9008
Mobile +678 5977429
Email: odorony@vanuatu.gov.vu

Sanma Province | Tourism Office

Welcome to Sanma Province home of the largest island of Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo, and Vanuatu’s second big town, Luganville. Two islands made up the name Sanma, Santo and Malo and are unique for their natural scenic, cultural and historical heritage.

Untapped by major developments, most part of the province are covered with natural green forest s and home to diverse range of tropical flora and fauna. The province also houses some of the beautiful beaches and blue water holes in the South Pacific – champagne beach and the little Paradise of Port Olry beach- Definitely a place for Natural scenic lovers.

The province also has a rich historical World War II heritage, Espiritu Santo is a based for the Americans during the WWII and after the war most of the fighting equipments were left behind. Dumped at the ‘Million Dollar Point’, snorkelers can see old WWII relics of the war – Coca cola bottles to jeep trucks. Also famous for all scuba divers around the globe is the SS President Coolidge, sunk during the war when it hits a friendly mine, it is now largest and most accessible wreck dive in today’s era – ideal destination for both snorkelers and scuba’s , young and old.

Beyond Luganville, one can still experience the traditional and cultural way of life of the locals. Undisturbed and unaware of the western influenced around them, these people still life a simple and traditional life.

Accommodation ranges from backpackers through to luxury resorts and so there is something to suit every budget. Island of Sanma Province are able to fulfill all your adventure holiday expectations. There is so much to see and so much to do.

“Think adventure, think Sanma Province, Gateway to the Northern Islands. ”

Location of the Tourism Office

Our Sanma Tourism Office is located on the Sanma provincial Headquarter in Luganville. Currently the office is equipped with two staff, ‘the Manager’ and ‘the Product Development’ and a VSA volunteer who works alongside the staff.


“In 10 years time tourism in Sanma will be a growing and sustainable industry, which is build on adventure experience, respect for the environment and local cultures and which delivers broad based economic benefits across a safe society”.

Contact details:

Sanma Office
PO BOX 616
Luganville, Santo
Republic of Vanuatu
T: (678) 5334280

Penama Province | Tourism Office

PENAMA Province, its name derived from a combination of the first few letters of the 3 islands Pentecost, Ambae and Maewo, is situated in the central part of the archipelago, approximately 150km north of the nation’s capital. With a population of just under 31,000, this province is one of the most vibrant in natural attractions – from its breathtaking waterfalls, to the volcanic peaks and rugged mountainous ranges; PENAMA is the Mecca for adventure and eco tourists. The proximity of these islands fostered trade dating back to ancient times and this has given the islands shared similarities in arts and crafts, traditional dress, language and customs.

Pentecost, known by the locals as “Raga” was given this name after its discovery on the Christian Whit Sunday. World famous for its “nagol” or land diving jump, Pentecost is an island rooted in tradition and custom and boasts one of the Pacific’s few remaining “kastom” economies, facilitating trade in mats, pigs and kava in exchange for school fees and other major expenses.

Ambae, formerly called Aoba, was inspired by James Michener’s mysterious island of Bali Hai in his book “Tales of the South Pacific”. The island itself has a semi active volcano with three lakes, one surrounding the volcano crater. Boasting magnificent flora & rainforests fed by the rich volcanic soil, Ambae like its provincial brothers Pentecost and Maewo, is famous for its island taro, “melo melo” (stone grind) kava and intricately designed fine red mats.

Across the choppy waters to Ambae’s north east lies Maewo – a mysterious, untouched island, abundant with majestic waterfalls, black and white sandy beaches and a rugged mountainous interior. Known as the wettest island in the country, Maewo has remained almost untouched by outside influence. It retains an air of mystery, shrouded in stories of sorcery and secret societies.

The Penama Tourism Office is located at the Penama Provincial head quarters on the eastern part of Ambae. Its main objective is to develop and improve tourism as a sustainable industry in Penama province. The office is manned by Mr Lesly Mera who works as a product development officer. Some of the services provided by the office are:

  1. Provide general tourism advice & information

  2. Organize the meetings of the Penama tourism association and council

  3. Organize trainings for the operators of tourism businesses

  4. Directly assist in product development

  5. Management of the Penama Tourism Office

Contact Mr. Lesly Mera | Product Development Officer
Penama Tourism Office
C/o of P O Box 08
Saratamata, East Ambae, Penama Province
Email: lmera@vanuatu.gov.vu

Malampa Province | Tourism Office

Vanuatu boasts 4 active volcanoes that affirm the island nation’s place in the Pacific Rim of Fire. 3 of these are in MALAMPA province alone. Two of these amazing natural fire breathers are on the island of Ambrym in the Vanuatu’s central, east of the MALAMPA province’s main island Malekula, and north of Paama island. Mysterious and charming, Ambrym its named derived from the British explorer Captain James Cooks’ interpretation of ‘ham rim” (meaning yams are here in the local Ranon dialect), is less frequented by the luxury tourist but offers one of the most spectacular volcano trekking tours that you will ever experience. If you enjoy going it tough, then you will enjoy the challenge of the trek up to the crater of Mt Marum and Mt Benbow. Black lava plains as far as the eyes can see - evidence of centuries of eruptions and ancient lava flows - are a feast for the eyes and leaves much to the imagination. Most of the island’s interior is covered in lava plains, leaving the coastal areas in lush volcanic-earth-rich rain forest, nestled in black sand coves.

Malekula island accommodates the provincial headquarters on the island’s central, Lakatoro, whereby the Tourism Department Provincial office is located. The Tourism Product Development officer Edna Paolo is the only officer mandating the office with Serah Ety who is currently running Malampa Travel Call Centre owned by Malampa Travel Call Centre with volunteers from different volunteering organisation that comes in occasionally to assist the office. For travelling plans to islands of Malampa please visit website malampa.travel

MALAMPA province has a population of 36, 724 and of that, 62% live on Malekula. Malekula is the second largest island in the archipelago and as you can imagine, holds traditions, customs and languages of an almost bipolar nature between its north and south. Commonly referred to as “big nampas” and “smol nampas” a lot of villagers still wear the traditional attire of grass skirts (women) and woven penis sheaths (nampas) for the men. Depending on which part of the island you visit, the nampas will vary in size.

Malekula is well known for its rich custom dancing and traditional villages, portraying a part of Vanuatu that remains unaffected by the western way of life. Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t mean they are untouched – however, the villages on the island’s deep interior prefer to retain their traditional way of life, not conforming to western ways of dressing, and living. Malekula should not be missed on your outer island travel itinerary if you want to experience what is the real traditional Melanesian Vanuatu lifestyle. Vanuatu’s biggest cocoa producing estate is also situated on the island and MALAMPA contributes much of the country’s economic growth through its cocoa, vanilla and copra exports.

Paama island plays host and guardian to its off shore Lopevi, the province’s third active volcano. Lopevi rises up out of the sea in the shape of a perfect upside down cone and though uninhabited, provides great farming soil for the people of Paama. Paama island itself only has a population of around 1600 people. Small and often never visited, most Paamese have settled in the two urban centres of Port Vila and Luganville. Paama is famous for its custom weddings and are a Vanuatu tradition that, should you get the chance, cannot be missed. Elaborate, expensive and entertaining, Paama weddings involve ceremony after ceremony of competing relatives, talcum powder, hundreds of dresses, kaliko, beddings, food, singing and dancing. If you happen to be visiting Paama, or one of the Paamese settlements near the two towns when there is a wedding on, you are sure to be swept up and into the festivities.

Contact Mrs. Rollyne Liu | Manager
Malampa Tourism Office
Lakatoro, Malekula, Malampa Province
Email: lrollyne@vanuatu.gov.vu

Shefa Province | Tourism Office

Shefa Province compromises of 15 islands namely Buninga, Efate, Emae, Emau, Epi, Ifira, Lamen, Lelepa, Makira, Mataso, Nguna, Pele, Tongariki, Tongoa and Lopevi Islands and according to the 2009 National Census, Shefa’s Population was 78,721 and with the annual growth rate of 3.7%. Shefa Province is the most densely populated due to urbanization.

The tourism sector makes up about 88% of the economy of Shefa. However, tourism mainly concentrates in the Port Vila urban area. Only a handful of people in rural Shefa is involved in tourism businesses. Tourism businesses are set to grow in Shefa. The province therefore needs to be focused on how to attract tourist to rural area and this is where the Shefa Tourism Office steps out to make it happen.

Location of Office

The STO has a 10 year Tourism Plan in which directs what work is to be carried out. The STO represents local tourism operators in Shefa Province on behalf of the government by providing mentoring, coaching, trainings, awareness, marketing and developing tourism products.

The STO is a little office with only one staff working as the Product Development Officer. There is a big opportunity to expand this office in the years to come by recruiting a manager in place. There is also a VSA volunteer that works alongside the product development officer to help with capacity building. The office is located at the Shefa Province Headquarters and within 3 minutes walking distance to town.

The office is secure and safe and surrounded by other government/private offices. There are 5 other tourism provincial officers located at each provincial headquarters and they all carry out basically the same responsibilities.

Objectives of Shefa Tourism Office

  1. To create a more structured and profitable tourism industry within the principles of responsible tourism;

  2. To successfully develop products and experiences which are economically, environmentally and socio-culturally sustainable taking advantage of the assets and characteristics unique to SHEFA province;

  3. To strengthen tourism services and products through the provision of training for the tourism industry;

  4. To increase consumer awareness of SHEFA as a tourism destination;

  5. To ensure the provision of appropriate infrastructure to support accessible tourism products;

  6. To increase understanding of opportunities and the benefits of tourism within the local communities;

  7. To create additional market demand and market access for tourism products in line with local carrying capacities.

Contact Mrs. Kathy Garoleo | Product Development Officer
Shefa Tourism Office
Port Vila, Efate, Shefa Province
Email: kstephens@vanuatu.gov.vu

Tafea Province | Tourism Office

Mission of Department of Tourism Tafea Province, Vanuatu

“The Department of Tourism in Tafea Province has a strategic obligation to help encourage economic development and growth in the Islands of Tafea. This implies playing a leadership role in the efforts aimed of encouraging investment promotion with both local & foreign people in the sector of tourism, ensuring an equitable business environment as well promotion of sustainable tourism in the entire island region.”.

The following are the strategic goals of Department of Tourism in Tafea Province:
  • Increase in diverse Tourism Products Development in all the Island of Tafea Province.

  • Create employment at the level of grassroots in a sustainable environment.

  • Encourage & increase number of Ni-Vanuatu into Tourism Sector.

  • Reassure a healthy and fair trade in the Islands of Tafea.

  • Maintain Tafea Province as eco-tourism destination.

  • Booming economics of Tafea Province.

  • Promote Tafea as competitive destination abroad.

Mr. Freddy Manueta | Business Development Officer / Product Development Officer
Tafea Tourism Office
Isangel, Tanna, Tafea Province
Email: fmanueta@vanuatu.gov.vu

Mr. Martin David | Manager
Tafea Tourism Office
Isangel, Tanna, Tafea Province
Email: damartin@vanuatu.gov.vu